Ellie Jacobson lives in Minnesota with her husband, two teenage sons, and their rescued cats, Mr. Percy and Bennie, which explains why she cherishes alone time working on her suspense novel in her she-cave amongst the plants and songbirds.  

Ellie grew up with a single mom who had stacks of books piled throughout our home. Her fondest childhood memories were the Saturday afternoons filled with trips with her mom to independent bookstores in St. Paul, browsing the shelves in the quest to find the next reading adventure. 

In the 1990s, Ellie went to college, majoring in English at The College of St. Catherine in St. Paul. The adults in her life advised, “Don’t major in English. It means nothing. You won’t find a job.” She felt the external and internal struggle with what she wanted to do with the rest of her life and what people were advising as if a major determined the course of her life. The pressure was too much, so she left college after 2 years. 

At the age of 43, Ellie returned to college to finish her bachelor’s degree, thus erasing her sole regret in life by graduating with a degree in technical communication in 2019.

Going back to college in her 40s sparked the dream of being a writer. As her children were getting older, she found the time she had been seeking for years. She started her creative writing journey with online classes through Gotham Writer’s Workshop in New York and The Loft in Minneapolis.

In 2020, she decided to go back to school for her master’s degree in creative writing through Southern New Hampshire University. In 2021, she was accepted (on the third try) into the SNHU MFA program.

Now she is writing her first novel and is an editor at Flash Fiction Magazine, providing detailed feedback on submissions, helping writers write their best stories.

It is her vision to continue writing the stories that she needs to tell, to give voice to the characters who haunt her dreams. And as an editor to help writers find their own voice, leading them to the stories they must write.

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