Making a Novel Decision

In my last Novel Journey post, “Two Book Ideas: Deciding Which Story to Tell,” I shared my conflict about deciding about two novel ideas and which one I should write first. I received excellent feedback here via my blog and over on my Medium page. Go with what excites you the most. Go with the book idea you can’t stop thinking about. So I’m going with my original book idea.

I recently got back from a four-day vacation with my family. It’s been three years since we have taken a vacation that long. I always carry a notebook wherever I go (plus jogging down ideas on my cellphone) and Lanie, my book one idea protagonist, would not let me go. Ideas were flowing in right and left on my vacation so I knew then I have to go with my book one idea.

A decision needed to be made because I officially start the MFA program (more about that in a different post) on July 26th. Before I start the thesis courses, I need to have 15,000 words written of my book. I didn’t have any more time to waffle around.

Taking some time away from Book One to free-write on Book Two was what I needed to make this decision. I didn’t want to continue with Book One just for the sake that I’ve been working on it for a while. I needed to make sure this was the book I want to write for my thesis.

Now, I need to get going on those 15,000 words. I’m way behind in my Camp NaNo writing goal because of our family vacation (a good problem to have) so I’ll be writing every spare minute I have for the rest of July.

Happy Writing!

Photo Credit: Ameen Fahmy on Unsplash

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